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My team rolled 510 lumpias today! We’ll be selling them at a carnival this upcoming weekend to raise funds for our missions trip to the Philippines. I have to admit, it was my first lumpia… but it definitely won’t be my last!

So much fun!

If you want to donate to me or my team you can do so online at through our paypal account.


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Any good organization capitalizes on their unique positives and not their unique negatives. In thinking of our youth ministry’s unique positives, here’s some things I think we should do:

  1. Go Late. The typical youth ministry service is… 90 minutes? Because we meet on Friday nights we’re not bound to early curfews. I’d like to see a CSM Friday Nights After Party full of games, activities, movies, food, etc. to go until 10pm.
  2. Go Really Late. I hate all-nighters, but my students love them! So why not extend CSM Friday Nights After Party until 8am once a quarter?
  3. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Weeknights are hard for volunteers to commit, but in my experience adults are more willing to commit on a Friday with the weekend ahead of them than a mid-week with work the next day.
  4. Bring in Some Special Guests. In the same vein as #1 and #3, why not invite a neighboring pastor to guest speak? Or what about bringing in some local bands, performers, or other artists in. We have the freedom to be eclectic.
  5. “The CSM Parent Connection”. This is an idea that’s been brewing for quite some time now, but I haven’t had the means to make it happen: What if we provided an off campus site for parents to come together during the meeting? Not only will parents be able to hang out and have a “night off” with their kids in youth group (it is a Friday night), but we’d provide an overview of the message that’s being talked about at CSM. Parents can have a short time for discussion, encouragement, and “talking points” for the ride home. This gives parents a connection to the ministry, equips parents to help their student’s development, and gives parents a buy-in to the ministry.

What’s some unique positives your ministry/organization have that you can exploit and use to your advantage?

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16 months ago there was no youth ministry at my church. So when we began our weekly meetings, the obvious question of “when do we meet” arose. Surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of students polled wanted our weekly youth service to be on Friday or Saturday nights! With the freedom to escape the traditional Wednesday-night mold, we gave it a shot.

15 months since our launch, we’ve encountered some unique positives and negatives to a Friday night meeting.

Unique Positives:

1) We don’t battle homework, tests, or as many sporting events.

2) We don’t fight the early curfew for a school-night.

3) Parents are very supportive of their kids being at church on a Friday night.

Unique Negatives:

1) We do battle school dances and football games.

2) Holiday weekends kill our attendance.

3) Makes for an extra-long workweek (for me).

I believe meeting on Friday nights has been successful… though I do miss the “Friday afternoon” feeling.

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With the season premier of LOST on the horizon, I thought I’d post my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time.

  1. West Wing. It’s smart, intense, realistic, passionate, and entertaining. I’ve watched the 7 season series… four times through? And every time I’ve loved it more than before.
  2. LOST. Heading into the season finale I honestly don’t care much about the lingering questions, I just want closure. If this season is as good as I think it will be, this may get vaulted to the #1 slot.
  3. Everybody Loves Raymond. I didn’t apprecaite this show until I got married.
  4. Seinfeld. I try to reenact some of Seinfeld’s jokes, especially the bit about the kids and candy. But they always flop. Regardless, Seinfeld is a timeless classic.
  5. Arrested Development. Subtle, brilliant humor.
  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek: Voyager is a better series, but Deep Space Nine was on during my formative Star Trek years. The Dominion. Worm Holes. Bajor. Ahh, there’s a little sci-fi nerd in all of us.
  7. The Office. I thought I’d get tired of these office antics after 6 seasons. Little did I know…
  8. Full House. “#8? How Rude!”
  9. Boy Meets World. For the middle school hopeless romantic.
  10. Friends. It was my generation’s Beverly Hills 90210.

There’s my top 10. What’s yours?

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A student bio of one of our team members, Gabby.

Donate online at http://bit.ly/philippines-2010.

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I heard that some scholars believe Paul wrote another letter to the Corinthian church that we do not have in our canon (they think he wrote another letter because of various things Paul refers to his letter in his 2 Corinthians letter that were not in 1 Corinthians). I was reading 2 Corinthians this morning and I thought of this and asked my wife a little hypothetical question:

The Scenario: Pretend we found a letter a 3rd letter to Corinthian church written by Paul and it was hypothetically 100% authenticated, what would the church do? What should the church do?

Things to consider:

What if the text contained the most eloquent and clear writings that supported traditionally accepted doctrine?  (for instance, the trinity)

What if the text contained passages that were in opposition to traditionally accepted doctrine? (for instance, the trinity)

What if the text took a harder stance on some of the more controversial topics? (for instance, predestination, women in ministry, the church and government, etc.)

What if the text surpassed the meat of Romans, the eloquence of Ephesians, and the pastoral-direction of 1 Timothy?

Can we afford to add it? Can we afford to ignore it?

What do you think?

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