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Billy Joe Daugherty, the author of 360º Life passed away last November while authoring the final chapters of this book. His wife, four children, and 17,000 member church gave some evidence of a life well lived. Unknowing it was his final days on earth he penned “ten ways you can live more richly, deeply, fully”. He even wrote within the first several pages of his book, “The Resurrection is important because we all fear death”. Eerily appropriate, to say the least.

Topics Daugherty hit to have a more rich, deep, full life was salvation, fear, importance, words, courage, God’s calling, value, circumstances, second chances, restoration, thanks, and perseverance. Within each chapter, Daugherty included a personal story from other individuals, something I enjoyed very much.

360º Life is perfect if you’re looking for a fundamental, easy read on allowing God to work through every aspect of your life, even the parts that you would consider to be weaknesses.

You can buy the book here.

This book was provided by Random House for review.


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I’ll be on a social networking hiatus for just about a week… but when I get back you can count on

  1. More thoughts about The Homeless Church.
  2. Vision and Direction.
  3. Update on Central Student Ministries.
  4. And the 49ers draft.

See you soon, friends!

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Nearly 2 months ago on March 2nd I predicted that the San Francisco 49ers would select an Offensive Tackle and a Guard in the 1st round.

I was right! And I was at the official 49ers’ draft part to witness it. Now, if only I could get a million bucks a year for my gift…

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My friend, Pastor Evan pastors a church in San Francisco of homeless people. He mentioned God’s been doing incredible things, including a recent jump in his weekly attendance to over 200 homeless people!

He doesn’t attribute the climb in attendance to a program, strategy, or model. Instead, he said God has been blessing his church of homeless people since they’ve started giving money to missions!

It really makes me ask myself some questions

  1. Am I giving enough? Am I doing enough?
  2. Am I consumed with stuff?
  3. What if God called me to the Dominican Republic or the streets of San Francisco– would I go?

You can see The Homeless Church site here.

You can see LaDawn’s ministry site here.

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I found a “Lobby Junkie” this morning.

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Initial thoughts on the 49ers’ 2010 schedule:

Week 1: Sunday, Sept. 12. @ Seahawks
Week 2: Monday, Sept. 20 vs. Saints (Monday night)
Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 26 @ Chiefs
Week 4: Sunday, Oct. 3 @ Falcons
Week 5: Sunday, Oct. 10 vs. Eagles (Sunday night)
Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 17 vs. Raiders
Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 24 @ Panthers
Week 8: Sunday, Oct. 31. vs. Broncos (in London)
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 14 vs. Rams
Week 11: Nov. 21 vs. Bucs
Week 12: Nov. 29 @ Cardinals (Monday night)
Week 13: Dec. 5 @ Packers
Week 14: Dec. 12 vs. Seahawks
Week 15: Dec. 16 @ Chargers (Thursday night)
Week 16: Dec. 26 @ Rams
Week 17: Jan. 2 vs. Cardinals

  1. Weeks 1-5: With 3 away games and home games versus the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans and Philadelphia (who killed the 49ers last year), the team who’s projected to win the NFC West will likely go 2-3 out of the gate; or worse.
  2. Early road games at Atlanta, Philadelphia, and at Carolina will be the best indicators of where the 49ers stand on the national stage.
  3. Weeks 10-17: With 5 of 6 division games within the last 7 weeks, there will be a lot of divisional implications late in the season. This means injuries will be magnified and the division race is expected to be decided at home on week 17 versus Arizona.
  4. Weeks 12-17: After being on the road for 3 of the first 4 games, the 49ers finish the season with 4 away games in the final six we weeks, two teams that are playoff-caliber (Green Bay and San Diego).
  5. I’ll be looking at going to the Monday, Sept. 20 game vs. the Saints or the Sunday, Oct. 10 game vs. the Eagles.

You can read professional analysis’ of the 49ers’ schedule here, here, and here.

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For the past couple days I’ve been at the Northern California/Nevada Assemblies of God’s District Council. Each year I’ve come, I’ve noticed that there’s a couple different groups of people:

  1. Business Junkies. These are the ones who are in every business meeting as if it’s their birthright. They take their voting responsibilities very, very seriously.
  2. Blessing Junkies. These are the gray-haired ones who are extremely enthusiastic and always ends the conversation with a “bless you, brother!”
  3. Lobby Junkies. These are the ones who I’ve never actually seen inside the meetings, break-out sessions, or services. They just sorta hang and schmooze.
  4. Sarcastic Junkies. These are the ones who you feel like they’re making fun of you (and everyone else).
  5. Old Friends. These are the people you hope to find– the ones who lift you up, love you, and take you out to lunch.

I love District Council. It’s kind of like a big family reunion, but with a bunch of pentecostal pastors everyone is that “crazy uncle”.

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