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We’ll be watching To Save A Life this Friday at Central Student Ministries. (Does this mean we’re starting our Fall Kickoff Campaign before schools out?)

Have you seen it? What did you think?


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Haven’t had a chance to blog much because I’m getting ready for several big events over the next 4-months.

  1. Massachusetts (5/25-6/1). My sister-in-law is getting married! Evie and I are going to be taking off a week to enjoy Boston’s finest lobster! Mmmmmmmm.
  2. The Philippines (7/27/10-8/8/10). Last-minute fundraising, practicing, and frantically trying to get everything together before I lead 14 students across the pacific ocean for missions work!
  3. Summer Camp (7/19/10-7/21/20). I’m putting on our first in-house summer camp for Central Student Ministries. Trying to get all the logistics sorted out– and there are a lot of them!
  4. Associated Student Body (2010-2011). I’m the new ASB adviser for El Sobrante Christian School, the high school where I teach. We just finished with elections and interviews this week, so we’ll be getting together to plan our year soon.

But on a side note, the site will be getting a redesign! I’ll be posting pics of the new layout soon.


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I had a talk today with Terrance Green, a friend and neighboring youth pastor about summer schedules and our weekly program. In a nutshell: we don’t know what to do.

Is keeping your youth ministry program as is killing your momentum or killing your consistency?

Your thoughts are appreciated in the comments. 🙂

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For the past 19 months we’ve had an overarching theme for Central Student Ministries: “Not a Robot”. The theme has been infused in our publications, series, and vision for the beginning of the ministry. It’s treated us well!

“Not a Robot” has a couple talking points:

•You are made in the image of God, and to know yourself you need to know him (Genesis 1:27).
•You are unique and individual, no one is made like you (Psalms 139:13)
•You have a God ordained purpose that no one else can fulfill (Jeremiah 29:11).

Central Student Ministries will be saying goodbye to “Not A Robot” within the month and hello to our next theme! Our ministry is heading into a new season for our ministry and our theme will surely represent it. I’ll be making it public very, very soon.

Exciting stuff!

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I felt like I had a rough service this past week. Ever happen to you? So I was thinking of what went wrong and things I should do next time things just aren’t clicking.

Problem: I was distracted with lots of “stuff to do”.

Solution: I need to assign students/volunteers to specific jobs on a weekly basis. I usually delegate spontaneously rather than a thought out, preconceived ongoing delegation.

Problem: I forgot to do some preparation that I should have done.

Solution: Think ahead and do my work.

Problem: I didn’t feel like I was connecting with my students.

Solution: Dance. I’m a terrible dancer, so it always makes for a good laugh when I do. Plus when I’m feeling down I tend to put my head down and plow ahead. Dancing loosens my spirits and makes me able to laugh and enjoy.

So I went to my adult leader and I told him “rough night, huh?” Seconds later one of my students came up to me with a grin with excitement and told me, “MAN! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!”

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Evie and I had Christine and Garrett over for dinner last night! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some pasta, red velvet cupcakes, and chips.

If your looking to connect with a junior high or high school student, invite them into your life for a night. We make a meal, play a game, and have a lot of laughs! They’ll walk away from the night with some memories, a connection, and a full stomach. …plus they’ll love seeing all of the pictures of you from high school. 🙂

Evie and I have already started plotting the next group of invitees!

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I hate youth group games. My experience has been draining, ineffective, and burdensome. I usually find myself 1) corralling everyone, 2) yelling the directions, 3) pulling-teeth for participation, only to 4) regret playing games to begin with.

Then NBC’s Minute to Win It happened…

I tried it for the first time last Friday and it’s so easy! We played the “blueprint” directions, threw up a 60-second countdown, and let it roll! One-minute later we were ready to move on with our program and students were satisfied from their thirst of competition and public-humiliation.

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