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Haven’t had a chance to blog much because I’m getting ready for several big events over the next 4-months.

  1. Massachusetts (5/25-6/1). My sister-in-law is getting married! Evie and I are going to be taking off a week to enjoy Boston’s finest lobster! Mmmmmmmm.
  2. The Philippines (7/27/10-8/8/10). Last-minute fundraising, practicing, and frantically trying to get everything together before I lead 14 students across the pacific ocean for missions work!
  3. Summer Camp (7/19/10-7/21/20). I’m putting on our first in-house summer camp for Central Student Ministries. Trying to get all the logistics sorted out– and there are a lot of them!
  4. Associated Student Body (2010-2011). I’m the new ASB adviser for El Sobrante Christian School, the high school where I teach. We just finished with elections and interviews this week, so we’ll be getting together to plan our year soon.

But on a side note, the site will be getting a redesign! I’ll be posting pics of the new layout soon.



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I have a morning routine:

Step 1: Hit snooze button twice.
Step 2: Shower.
Step 3: Get dressed and ready.
Step 4: Eat breakfast and read.
Step 5: Make a pot of coffee.

The truth is, I don’t drink coffee. Or, I don’t drink real coffee. But I make a point to throw out the day-old coffee, put in the new filter, and brew a fresh pot; not because I like coffee, but because my wife does. She’s not a morning person. So I do what I can to make her unpleasant morning a little bit more bearable. I’ve been trying this every day for the past couple weeks.

It’s a subtle reminder, a way for me to show “I love you”.

How do you show “I love you”?

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How do I know my wife is cooler than yours?

Because I came home to homemade sushi. Complete with Miso Soup and Edamame. It was delicious!

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My wife Evie is writing 12 blogs about marriage in honor of our first 12 months of matrimony. In this post, she wrote about sex– what it should be and what it isn’t, and growing up in church. It’s a great read. Here is an excerpt:

Here’s what I feel we need to work on: emphasizing the importance, the beauty, and the sacredness of sex in marriage.  Not just, “Don’t do it until you’re married.”  Gag.  That’s unexplained, un-thought-through rubbish.  Good luck encouraging any single man or woman to save themselves. a discourse on intercourse.

You can read her full post, 10. The “S” Word [Babies and Birth-Control] here.

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