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My heart breaks for so many of my students. So many lives full of confusion. There’s no peace. There’s no refuge. And I get sick to my stomach when I know my hands are tied.

I’ve seen that 93% of a student’s worldview will be developed from their home life. That leaves 7% for pastors and teachers, coaches and counselors, grandparents and BFF’s.

But thank Jesus that He’s not bound by Barna Group statistics, because He transcends all. He illuminates the darkness. He liberates the captives.

[Let the redeemed rejoice; Let vindication flow]


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I finished filing my taxes last night. Turns out I’m getting hit hard for neglecting to pay social security all last year (oops, I didn’t know I wasn’t paying into it!).

Did you know: Pastors have the option of opting out of social security within 2 years of their licensing. My two-year pastoral anniversary is next week.

Did you know: Churches are not obligated to pay 7.5% towards a pastor’s social security. This would require a pastor who did not opt out of social security to pay the full 15%.

I’ve talked to lots of pastors and it seems about half have opted out (and half regretting their choice either way). Getting hit with this bill makes me want to opt out of social security, but is it the right thing to do?

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Fighting the Urge

I can’t blog. I’m doing my taxes.

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I hate April Fools. Mostly because it’s the one day of the year where everyone thinks lying is forgivable to give us heartbreaking news or unbelievable stories of miracles. And when they day concludes, everyone is slightly more depressed and humiliated than before the day began.

Here’s the worst (and overplayed) April Fool’s Jokes:

  1. I’m Pregnant!
  2. Will you go to prom with me?
  3. They found Jesus’ body!
  4. I have cancer!
  5. I’m becoming a nun!
  6. Obama’s a Muslim!
  7. Did you see Apple’s newest product?!
  8. Michael Jackson’s still alive and living with Elvis!
  9. SPOILER: LOST will end with Vincent waking up from his nap.
  10. I love you.

Can you think of any others that deserve to be on the list?

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My dad was given this at a men’s convention:

Firstly, wow. Secondly, I have three questions for 1 in 3 Trinity:

  1. 1 in 3? I’m pretty sure that’s heretical.
  2. Only 10 Calories? With 1000 mg of taurine? Is that possible?
  3. Energy drink “fused” with the spirit. I’m pretty sure that’s a sin.

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As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post “Pastors, Politics, and the Pulpit”, I don’t talk politics in public. As a pastor, I have three political convictions:

  1. My job is too important to marginalize myself on political preference.
  2. I believe the separation of church and state is good for both organizations.
  3. The state’s policies and the church don’t need to agree.

So my response to the new health care reformation? I wish people would be as convicted about Jesus as they are about their politics.

Pastors: Please restrain yourself. James tells us that your tongue is set on fire by hell. Your silly tantrums will kill you much sooner than any health care system. But don’t think that health care will save you, either. Drugs can only delay the inevitable facts of life: everyone dies.

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Today in class we’re talking about goals, vision-casting, and strategic planning in my Ministry Leadership class. And I’m rolling my eyes through a lot of it– it’s a bit too methodical for my taste.

It reminds me of a little like a parody film we shot in college about Christian Marketing:

Spiritual leaders do not use their people to accomplish their goals’ their people are the goal. Spiritual leaders have a God-given responsibility to do all they can to lead their people on to God’s agenda… leaders must be diligent that they never shift their trust from the Head of the church to the tools of the world. -Blackaby, Spiritual Leadership

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