Is May always this busy? I feel like I’ve been running from appointment to meeting to event to… this Saturday, for instance, I had a brunch event, a BBQ birthday party, and a BBQ dinner (all in three different cities). What does three events in one day mean? I can’t enjoy any of them because I’m planning/ worried/ thinking about getting to the next thing. So, instead of saying “yes” to all three, I’m only saying “yes” to one because if you say yes to one thing you indirectly say no to the other.

This is something I’ve learned from our church-wide fast: just because you’re doing a lot doesn’t mean a lot is being done. By saying “no” to something I’m able to fully enjoy another, better someone— Jesus.

Take the time to abide, connect, and remain in Jesus. And if you’re schedule is as demanding as mine is, you just might have to say “no” to a BBQ or two.


For the past 19 months we’ve had an overarching theme for Central Student Ministries: “Not a Robot”. The theme has been infused in our publications, series, and vision for the beginning of the ministry. It’s treated us well!

“Not a Robot” has a couple talking points:

•You are made in the image of God, and to know yourself you need to know him (Genesis 1:27).
•You are unique and individual, no one is made like you (Psalms 139:13)
•You have a God ordained purpose that no one else can fulfill (Jeremiah 29:11).

Central Student Ministries will be saying goodbye to “Not A Robot” within the month and hello to our next theme! Our ministry is heading into a new season for our ministry and our theme will surely represent it. I’ll be making it public very, very soon.

Exciting stuff!

I felt like I had a rough service this past week. Ever happen to you? So I was thinking of what went wrong and things I should do next time things just aren’t clicking.

Problem: I was distracted with lots of “stuff to do”.

Solution: I need to assign students/volunteers to specific jobs on a weekly basis. I usually delegate spontaneously rather than a thought out, preconceived ongoing delegation.

Problem: I forgot to do some preparation that I should have done.

Solution: Think ahead and do my work.

Problem: I didn’t feel like I was connecting with my students.

Solution: Dance. I’m a terrible dancer, so it always makes for a good laugh when I do. Plus when I’m feeling down I tend to put my head down and plow ahead. Dancing loosens my spirits and makes me able to laugh and enjoy.

So I went to my adult leader and I told him “rough night, huh?” Seconds later one of my students came up to me with a grin with excitement and told me, “MAN! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!”

I took some engagement pictures of my sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law yesterday. They both have gorgeous eyes (and small ears)– should make for some beautiful nephew and nieces!

Evie and I had Christine and Garrett over for dinner last night! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some pasta, red velvet cupcakes, and chips.

If your looking to connect with a junior high or high school student, invite them into your life for a night. We make a meal, play a game, and have a lot of laughs! They’ll walk away from the night with some memories, a connection, and a full stomach. …plus they’ll love seeing all of the pictures of you from high school. 🙂

Evie and I have already started plotting the next group of invitees!

Our church is doing a fast for 21 days. I’ve been asked to blog periodically about my journey.

“Fasting” is a simple practice: give up something and replace it with seeking God in prayer and petition. I’ve never been one to be enthusiastic about fasting, because food is traditionally what’s given up. So, I usually try to avoid it at most costs.

Several of my students from our youth ministry were fasting last week from lunch and one day many of them ran over 2 miles for PE. I thought to myself, what is stopping these students from dropping their fast and grabbing a sandwich? And then I realized that fasting is the ongoing choice that whatever it is your praying for is more important than whatever you’ve given up. So even though these students were light-headed and faint, their prayers were more crucial.

As we go on this journey together we are making the choice that the weight of fasting is less than the weight of the “other” burdens in life. If we can keep perspective of the big picture, I think we’ll be able to be strong enough even when we are light-headed and faint.

I hate youth group games. My experience has been draining, ineffective, and burdensome. I usually find myself 1) corralling everyone, 2) yelling the directions, 3) pulling-teeth for participation, only to 4) regret playing games to begin with.

Then NBC’s Minute to Win It happened…

I tried it for the first time last Friday and it’s so easy! We played the “blueprint” directions, threw up a 60-second countdown, and let it roll! One-minute later we were ready to move on with our program and students were satisfied from their thirst of competition and public-humiliation.