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At 6,000 hits, I thought I’d upgrade…

My blog has been moved to a wordpress.org host, meaning that you will have to adjust your SMS or Bookmark if you would like to continue reading.

Simply go to http://joshherndon.com/ and enjoy!


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In case you missed a good one, here’s the top 10 viewed posts of March 2010.

  1. Who Should Be Given Authority to Lead Worship?
  2. Prayer Ruined My Life
  3. Dad’s Advice
  4. Trends in Church Names
  5. My 10 Failures
  6. Twitter > Sex?
  7. Take 10 Challenge
  8. Health Care, Pastors, and Jesus
  9. Philippines Banquet Pictures
  10. When the Youth Pastor Can’t Be at Youth

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I’m a stickler for good top 10 lists, and Yahoo did a pretty good job of compiling a list of 10 items not to buy in 2010. They are:

  • DVDs. As a rule, I don’t buy a DVD unless they’re less than $5.
  • Home Telephone Service. Since being married, we’ve lived without one.
  • External Hard Drives. This was good to know, as I was thinking about picking one up soon.
  • Smartphone Also-Rans. I have an iPhone.
  • Compact Digital Cameras. I have an iPhone.
  • Newspaper Subscriptions. I have an iPhone.
  • CDs. I have an iPhone.
  • New College Textbooks. Luckily grad school is fewer textbooks and more software and reference. Still expensive, but more useful than McGraw Hill’s $110 “General Psychology”.
  • Gas-Guzzling Cars. Does my Civic leak when it rains and tape holding up its mirror? Yes. But its running 20+ MPG without a monthly payment.
  • Energy-Inefficient Homes and Appliances. This is the best suggestion on the list, as the California lawmakers are supreme in fining inefficiency (unless it’s themselves, of course).

You can read the whole thing here.

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A fun intro video we did for CSM tonight. Enjoy!

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