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To Save A Life

We’ll be watching To Save A Life this Friday at Central Student Ministries. (Does this mean we’re starting our Fall Kickoff Campaign before schools out?)

Have you seen it? What did you think?

A preview of joshherndon.com’s makeover!

And for future reference, everything will be on joshherndon.com, and not joshherndon.wordpress.com . Just in case you need to adjust your “favorites”.

4 Projects

Haven’t had a chance to blog much because I’m getting ready for several big events over the next 4-months.

  1. Massachusetts (5/25-6/1). My sister-in-law is getting married! Evie and I are going to be taking off a week to enjoy Boston’s finest lobster! Mmmmmmmm.
  2. The Philippines (7/27/10-8/8/10). Last-minute fundraising, practicing, and frantically trying to get everything together before I lead 14 students across the pacific ocean for missions work!
  3. Summer Camp (7/19/10-7/21/20). I’m putting on our first in-house summer camp for Central Student Ministries. Trying to get all the logistics sorted out– and there are a lot of them!
  4. Associated Student Body (2010-2011). I’m the new ASB adviser for El Sobrante Christian School, the high school where I teach. We just finished with elections and interviews this week, so we’ll be getting together to plan our year soon.

But on a side note, the site will be getting a redesign! I’ll be posting pics of the new layout soon.


Call + Response

I just got back from seeing Call + Response, a “rocumentary” about modern-day slavery, specifically forced prostitution.

Wow. What I liked about the film is it left you feeling inspired instead of hopeless. I would recommend you watch it, then tell your friends about it, too.

I’ll be writing more about this later.

I had a talk today with Terrance Green, a friend and neighboring youth pastor about summer schedules and our weekly program. In a nutshell: we don’t know what to do.

Is keeping your youth ministry program as is killing your momentum or killing your consistency?

Your thoughts are appreciated in the comments. 🙂

Breaking My Heart

My heart breaks for so many of my students. So many lives full of confusion. There’s no peace. There’s no refuge. And I get sick to my stomach when I know my hands are tied.

I’ve seen that 93% of a student’s worldview will be developed from their home life. That leaves 7% for pastors and teachers, coaches and counselors, grandparents and BFF’s.

But thank Jesus that He’s not bound by Barna Group statistics, because He transcends all. He illuminates the darkness. He liberates the captives.

[Let the redeemed rejoice; Let vindication flow]